Builder Extensions

Builder extensions provide traits which add functionality to the application builder.

Available Builder Extensions


For whoops, there exist two builder extensions: one for the ConsoleApplicationBuilder and one for the WebApplicationBuilder.

Whoops Handler

View on packagist: elephox/builder-whoops-handler

Whoops Middleware

View on packagist: elephox/builder-whoops-middleware

Request Logging

View on packagist: elephox/builder-request-logging


View on packagist: elephox/builder-logtail

This package is an extension of the Request Logging package and adds a Logtail client as a service. The client implements the LoggerInterface and will thus be used to log requests in Logtail.


View on packagist: elephox/builder-doctrine

Doctrine is a popular database abstraction layer (DBAL) and Object-Relational-Mapper (ORM) for PHP. This builder extension provides an implementation of the EntityManagerProvider interface, which is used by Doctrine tools to interact with databases.

To create the appropriate provider, Elephox uses your apps config.json files.