Plane is a wrapper script for docker-compose. It has some useful commands to aid you during the development of your Elephox applications and enables you to move your Elephox app to a containerized environment.


To install Plane, add a requirement using composer:

composer require elephox/plane

Afterwards, add the Plane commands to your phox binary:

#!/usr/bin/env php

// ...


// ...

Then you can run the following command to generate your docker-compose.yml:

php phox plane:install


To invoke Plane commands, use the script located at vendor/bin/plane:

# list running processes
vendor/bin/plane ps

If you execute plane without any arguments, you will get a list of all possible commands and a short description for each. The commands you will use the most often are plane up -d and plane down. These commands will start the app and shut it down along with all its services.