Building a To-Do-App

A step-by-step introduction to Elephox

Make sure you read Getting Started before you start.

What we will build

In this guide, we will build a simple to-do-list application. It will provide some API endpoints to create, read, update and delete to-do items. Data is exchanged using JSON and stored in an sqlite database.

The point of this project is to show how to build a simple web API application using Elephox, hence the simplicity of the project itself.

Creating the application

Creating the project structure

At the beginning, we need to create a directory structure to organize our files. You can (and should) use composer create-project elephox/elephox <project name> to do this.

Composer will ask you a few questions and will then create a directory structure like this:

<project name>/
├── public/
│    └── index.php
├── src/
│    └── App.php
├── vendor/
│    └── ...
├── .gitignore
├── composer.json
├── composer.lock
├── .gitignore
└── bootstrap.php

Composer stores the project's dependencies in the vendor directory. The composer.json file contains the project's dependencies with the Elephox framework already installed.

Your project code will be in the src directory, although you are free to organize your project files however you want.

Creating the database service

The first thing we will take care of is to create a service to communicate with our database.

TODO: finish guide

Creating the endpoints

Testing the application

Deploying the application

Extra: adding console commands